l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问

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l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问(图2)

l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问(图4)

l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问(图6)

l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问(图8)

l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问(图10)

l have stayed in Beijing for 22 year对for 22 year提问(图12)

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How long do you have stayed in Beijing?


how long 加上就好了

代码哪错了 MsgBox "In"&iNumberOfYears & "years you'l...

MsgBox "In"&iNumberOfYears & "years you'll have"& _ Format(cSavings, "0.00") & "dollars."如果你确定你...

《Baby I say love you to》是哪首歌的歌词

tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&word=baby+i+love+you&lm=-1 &nb... i need you.. gotta have you.. can't be without you.. baby i love you.. you know i need ...

Dear John,Last summer I take a part-time job in the Internationa...

1. take-took         2.  have 后面加been       3. fit后面加for  

for the first time in forever

I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face&nbsp: You don’t have to protect me, deep snow&nbsp,&nbsp, it’s okay, I’m not afraid: Cuz for the first time in forever,...

改写句子。1 . We have to stay in the classroom to wait for our t...

1. What do,   have to do     2.  What are, doing     3.  Would,  like to jion

I have always been interested in making things. When I was a ch...

amp;nbsp;  2. B   3. D   4. 批量生产的   5. woman 1.从第一段的最后一句话: I won a prize for ...

success&&not all system resources have been loaded correctly...

uccess && "Not all system resources have been loaded correctly. 中文意思是: 成功,并不是所有的系统资源都被正确安装...

BigClass&"' and SmallClassName

"for i=1 to len(encodestr)char_c=mid(encodestr,i,1)if cha... & chr(cint("&H" & lastchar &&...

求vamprie daily&gossip gir&暮光之城l里的经典台词

  probably the most selfish thing I've ever said in my   life.(可能是这辈子最自私的一番话) Eamon,don't go there.(Domon,别说了) D:No,I just have to s...

I used to be a very self-centered person, but in t

&nbsp. visited C; &nbsp. By the end of the year; &nbsp.;&nbsp. st... nbsp. A. B,2; 47; 动词与名词的搭配;&nbsp. education help &nbsp。 for me,故...



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